Lucille is an inspiring and compassionate music therapist who is dedicated to providing an authentic and effective music therapy experience for her clients. Able to work with people of all ages, Lucille is a driven and hard-working professional who is an excellent communicator and deeply cares about her work. Continually striving for positive change and growth for both her clients and herself, Lucille takes on life with courage, strength, and passion.

-Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC
colleague and founder of The Harmony Resource

Lucille impressed me from the beginning with her poise, confidence and professionalism. She is timely and organized with excellent documentation skills. Lucille is consistently respectful, warm, and open to feedback. Lucille’s clinical work embodies client and family centered care, and values the importance of communication and building relationships with the client’s network of family and other professionals. Lucille is determined that her business meets and exceeds the high standards of the music therapy profession and will share her energy, enthusiasm, determination and talent with all those she encounters.

-Kara Caine, MT-BC
colleague and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Kansas

I have witnessed firsthand how dedicated, driven and talented Lucille is as a Music Therapist. She is able to build a strong therapeutic bond with her clients that helps to foster an open therapeutic environment, where clients are comfortable exploring new interventions and goals. When communicating with family members/caregivers and facility staff, Lucille is a true professional by always being well-prepared with updates on clients sessions and other pertinent information that could be useful outside of the Music Therapy sessions.   Lucille is always pushing herself to be a better Music Therapist, staying up-to-date in the music therapy literature, attending state and regional conferences and taking independent self-study courses, so that she can always be able to provide the best services to her clients. Her expertise in working with the elderly and hospice populations will greatly impact her community, providing Music Therapy services to this ever increasing population.

-Erin Shoemaker, MT-BC
colleague and former coworker

As a clinician, Lucille works well independently, but is also a great communicator with the families and other professionals involved in her clients’ lives. Lucille is friendly and sociable with a nice sense of humor which makes her clients feel comfortable right away. She is creative with music therapy interventions and a great musician.

-Mary Ann Vilim-Baker, M.Ed, MT-BC, LPC
colleague and founder of Music Therapy Works