Lucy Brown

Lucille Brown, MT-BC is the founder of Sound Inspirations Music Therapy and a board certified music therapist since 2011. As a native of Western New York, she chose to complete a Bachelor’s of Science in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology from the State University of New York. Her internship was completed with Heartland Hospice in Independence, Ohio. After working as a music therapist in Texas she returned to establish roots in Northeast Ohio.

Her clinical music therapy experiences include over 5 years of working with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, behavior disorders, speech delays, and other developmental disabilities. She has facilitated music therapy groups for adults in group homes, as well as in community-based music enrichment programs. Lucille has a passion for working with elderly persons in long-term care facilities, with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, or in end of life stages including Hospice care.

Lucille founded Sound Inspirations Music Therapy because she has a passion for music therapy and a desire to help others. As a business, we value professionalism, effective communication, education, building relationships of trust, and commitment to meet the needs of our clients. Creating connections with music is significant for affecting change in the lives of others. We engage clients in interactive music experiences as part of a documented therapeutic treatment process.  The therapeutic process can result in positive changes in a person’s social, emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual well-being.

Sound Inspirations Music Therapy uses musical experiences to        resonate health and wellness in the whole person.